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Bach Brandenburg Concerto #2

The Brandenburg Concertos are a series of 6 concertos written by J.S. Bach for the Margrave (prince of the holy empire,) of Brandenburg, Christian Ludwig. They were written as a job application (which he did not get.) Bach presented them to the Margrave in 1721. They are arguably the best orchestral music of the Baroque era.

The Water Suite

The Water Music Suite by Joseph Handel was first performed aboard the Royal Barge for King George I on July 17, 1717. It is said King George wanted to show the people of London he was as full of life as his son( who threw magnificent parties.) He invited key members of the aristocracy to join him on the Royal Thames for a trip to Chelsea. A 50 piece orchestra joined  the ride on a separate barge to provide the entertainment. Londoners lined the river bank to enjoy the show. The Water Suite was enjoyed so much by King George I that he requested it be played over and over again until they reached Chelsea, then again the entire ride home.