The Kingston Trio

Legendary folk icons The Kingston Trio bring their timeless music to fans across the USA with a national tour that marks the groups 60th anniversary. Keeping in the family, Josh Reynolds, son of original member Nick Reynolds, along with lifelong musical partners Mike Marvin and Tim Gorelangton, perform many of the  trio’s best-loved songs. The performances take the audience on an iconic musical journey to a time when folk music made its extraordinary ascent to the pinnacle of popular culture- and the top of the music charts. The Kingston Trio was one of the most prominent groups of the era’s pop-folk boom that started in 1958 with the release of their first album and its hit recording of “Tom Dooley”, which sold over three million copies as a single.

Josh Reynolds

Growing up around The Kingston Trio was something Josh didn’t quite realize the impact of -until he lost his father. After Nick passed away in 2008, Josh went back to his guitar and began to take it seriously. He had help from a wonderful range of musicians and friends in the extended Kingston Trio fan family.

After years of hard work in The Lion Sons, the band he founded with Mike and Tim. He is ready to carry on the Family Business.

He plays tenor guitar, conga, and the bongos and is often the comedic center of the group.

Mike Marvin

Taken in as part of the Reynolds family as a teenager, Mike learned his music ropes at the foot of Nick Reynolds, his late adopted father. With Nick’s approval, Mike was present at Trio  rehearsals during the years when the Trio was the biggest act in the world. Under Nick’s tutelage, Mike learned backstage support, how Nick and The Trio picked songs, managed their tours and many other critical insights. Mike was a member of the Trio’s inner circle and gained the opportunity to expand his musical horizons.

Mike plays a Martin D-28 and Deering Plectrum Banjo.

Tim Gorelangton

Tim started playing woodwinds in high school and ended up serving in the US Army Headquarters Band in San Francisco and Stuttgart, Germany. Music was in his family heritage. His father was from Honolulu and was a terrific ukulele player. His mom was a California girl  who was prone to bursting into song around the house.

He plays the banjo and is the Chief Musical Director and Arranger of The Kingston Trio.

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