88 Keys Fundraiser

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About the Bösendorfer Piano

The 214VC edition is a 7-foot Bösendorfer piano that is beautifully handcrafted in Austria. It combines 2 centuries of piano crafting experience with the latest technological advances with the Disklavier system. The piano is made of air-dried spruce that has been touched by all 4 seasons. This process allows the wood to create the perfect resonance. Each Bösendorfer piano takes 6 years to complete. 

If you have walked by the new Billings Symphony office, chances are you've noticed a beautiful 7-foot Bösendorfer piano in the lobby. Thanks to Montana Piano, this gorgeous instrument has been on loan to the BSOC since the beginning of 2021. This world-class piano is equipped with a state-of-the-art Disklavier system that will enable the BSOC to hold master classes, educational programs, small concerts in our office, and collaborate with artists across the globe. In order for all this to happen, the BSOC needs your help!


Sponsorships include:

1 Key for $100

1 Chord for $300

1 Scale for $700


Please watch the video below as Sandy Cantesano, the BSOC's Manager of Development & Events tells you more about the Bösendorfer piano and our
88 Keys Fundraiser.

Watch Pedja Mužijević, our guest artist at Romeo & Juliet perform a private concert in the BSOC office on the Bösendorfer piano.