The Billings Symphony Orchestra and Chorale is committed to providing access and assistance to those with disabilities. We perform in a venue we do not own, so sometimes accessibility issues are beyond our control. Please contact the BSC&C box office at 406-252-3610 at any time to ask questions or get more information regarding accessibility. If you need telephone assistance, please call the Telecom Relay Service (TRS) by dialing 711.

Parking and Access

The Lincoln Center is located at 415 N. 30th Street, in downtown Billings.
8 handicapped parking spots are available in front of the auditorium entrance. They will be clearly marked by bags over the parking meters as these are not handicapped parking spots at any other time than the Billings Symphony concerts.

On-street parking and garage parking is free on Saturdays. The closest parking garage to the Lincoln Center is located at 2912 3rd Ave. North.

The Lincoln Center provides wheelchair-accessible seating along with companion seats in row K. These seats are withheld from general sale until the day of the performance. Please call 406-252-3610 to purchase these seats.

*The Billings Symphony does not provide wheelchairs or walkers.
*Row B is located directly in front of the stage. Row FF is the farthest row from the stage.

Handicapped Restrooms

Restrooms are located on the main floor and on the upstairs balcony landing. Please look for signs showing the way to restrooms on the main floor.


There is not an elevator in the Lincoln Center however, there is a lift for those who cannot navigate the front entrance stairs. The lift is to be operated by a member of the Lincoln Center staff only.

The Billings Symphony Orchestra and Chorale provides all price ranges of seating on the main floor to accommodate.

Large Print Rosters

At each performance, the Symphony provides large print concert-specific rosters. Please inquire in the front lobby.

Electronic Devices

The concert’s program book can be viewed by texting 406-200-8621 on your handheld device. Please remember to turn off / mute your device during the performance.

Ear Plugs

Depending on where you are sitting, you may feel that the volume is too loud. We offer complimentary earplugs for your comfort. Please ask the ushers for a pair.