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Free Family Series


Sep 14, 2024


Billings Public Library

510 N Broadway

Free Admission. Donations Encouraged

Get ready for an adventure at the Billings Public Library with the Billings Symphony in exploring the amazing world of musical instruments and have a blast while doing it! Grab your passport and venture into the incredible streets of String Street, Woodwind Way, Brass Boulevard, and Percussion Plaza. Bow a violin or cello like a pro, make cool sounds on a trumpet, clack castanets, and even learn to get a sound from a clarinet!

Plan to stay for a special musical presentation by Billings Symphony musicians at 11:30AM.

The Billings Symphony invites children of all ages and their parents to the Billings Public Library for a musical instrument adventure anytime between 9:30-11:30am! Pick up your passport at the door and stroll the streets of musical instruments within the library: String Street, Woodwind Way, Brass Boulevard, and Percussion Plaza. Get your passport stamped at each station, where Billings Symphony musicians will help you … bow a violin or cello … pucker up to a trumpet … clack a castanet … get a note out of a clarinet … and more! You’ll have great fun learning about the different types of orchestra instruments, how each one creates a unique sound, and how our symphony musicians play them.

The adventure continues at 11:30AM with a special musical presentation by the Billings Symphony Principal Strings! This is free and open to all.


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