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Sukin Series

Wyoming Baroque: Heroes and Heroines

Mar 30, 2023


Babcock Theatre

2810 Second Ave. N.

$20 - $40

Late 17th and early 18th Century Baroque composers often evoked legendary figures from ancient Greece and classical literature to express their musical passion. Heroes and Heroines celebrates Venetian masters Antonio Vivaldi and Barbara Strozzi as well as Georg Philipp Telemann’s musical adaption of Cervantes’ Burlesque de Quixotte (Don Quixote). The concert, under the direction of Dr. Mark Elliot Bergman, features Brenda Hodnett as soprano soloist.

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  • As might be expected, Wyoming Baroque performs on baroque instruments. While they don’t look that much different than their modern counterparts you usually see on the ABT stage, they certainly will sound different. This is due to numerous factors, including size, bridge construction, string tension and materials, bow design, and neck angle. Similarly, while the harpsichord looks rather like a piano, its distinctive, “twangy” tone is due to its strings being plucked, rather than hit.
  • Barbara Strozzi is thought to be the most prolific composer—man or woman—of printed secular vocal music in Venice in the middle of the 17th century.” During her lifetime, Strozzi published eight volumes of her own music—all achieved without any support from the Church and with no consistent patronage from the nobility.